Daily Devotional

Faithful and Fallen

The faithful and the fallen are alike in many ways

Created by one Father not to see the end of days

But those who are the fallen chose the path they should not choose

And life that God intended was the life they chose to lose

But if they had been faithful like the other worlds above

The deepest depths of Godliness expressed through perfect love

Would not have been as clearly seen as it is seen today

Through Christ Who is God's Sacrifice the Life the Truth the Way

For though all things were perfect in this universe you see

The devil and his angels in their hidden subtlety

Were seeking those unguarded by obedience to fool

A product of creation that their wickedness could rule

And as the years were passing with no sign of giving in

The whole of God's creation with no taint of selfish sin

Except for that in Satan and the followers he had

The purity of Eden would soon go from good to bad

As Eve so pure and perfect crowning jewel of Godly touch

Led by her curiosity began to look too much

At one tree in the Garden where God said they should not go

As He tried to protect them from the thing they need not know

That knowledge of the evil that divides our soul from Him

That brought untold disaster not just on the two of them

But on all of creation as they watched the first lamb die

The emblem God was giving for the apple of His eye

For from that lamb of sacrifice the blood was spilt that day

As emblem of what God would give to wash our sins away

That would be ours forever as forever He would be

By Christ His perfect Son a part of our humanity

And He would bear the markings He alone of all the sin

He suffered as our Sacrifice to save the souls of men

As evidence of perfect love no one could second guess

To prove to all the faithful God would never love us less

But would love all creation as He does and ever will

That all throughout the universe the hearts of all will thrill

To hear from those once fallen how God's grace is all they know

For by God's grace alone through faith His love for all will show

Genesis 3; Psalm 17:6-8; Daniel 12:1-3


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