Daily Devotional

Constant Communion

The superficiality that's in the church today

Is driven by the way we live and how we fail to pray

That God will give us guidance in all things we say and do

And trust that He will never fail but always bring us through

For few of us will take the time to seek the Lord in prayer

When He has never failed to tell us just how much He cares

To ask Him for His wisdom from the breaking of the sun

To give us all that's needed til our day of work is done

The Work to which He's called us to that we might never fail

But by His grace pursue the course His leading does entail

The course of heaven's choosing that will build God's Kingdom here

Within the hearts of all who see the gospel that they hear

That comes from lips that know Him from the scriptures they have read

Who tasted of that precious Wine and eaten of the Bread

Who've bowed to wash the feet of those who've they've made claim to be

Their brothers and their sisters in this Godly family

But most of us neglect the time God asks of us each day

That special time we need with Him to hear what He will say

Both through His Holy Scriptures or through thoughts that come from Him

That make of us a light for God to guide the steps of them

Who now wander in darkness knowing not where they should turn

To find the true reality of all they need to learn

Of how the great Creator longs to have them one with Him

And how His blood removes their sin and makes them whole again

A wholeness that they may not see but others surely will

As they portray the life of one who's had the Spirit fill

The hollowness within them like no earthly thing can do

Because of what they see and hear portrayed in me and you

When we begin our morning with the Lord in earnest prayer

And keep Him ever with us in communion everywhere

Our faithful true Companion often speaking one to One

In joy to know He's with us til our day is fully done

And resting in His promise come the morning we will see

Another opportunity to be what we must be

A channel of His goodness as our Saviour was before

Through oneness with God's Spirit that the world in looking for

Hebrews 6:1-6; John 13:13-17; 1 John 2:7-17


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