Daily Devotional

Foolish Things

There's three things that I'd like to do before I grace the grave

That prove that I'm a chicken not a person that is brave

I'd like to wear a parachute and tumble through the sky

And have it poof wide open just before hit and die

I'd like to where a long strong rope and jump as I repel

From off the top of Burj Khalifa the world's premier hotel

And I'd like to dive the deepest depths to where man's never been

But only in the strongest sub where I'd be safe within

Hold up you say what's chicken about what I'd like to do

If you're like many others these are things you'd not go through

For some would simply die of fright to be where I would go

And have not one desire to feel the thrill that I would know

But in each application I have safety in my mind

A parachute a long strong rope a submarine the kind

That has not been invented to withstand the crushing weight

Of atmospheres of pressure that a human cannot take

And in each application I have plans that I will be

Surviving with the fittest not a part of history

That did something so foolish without plans to live to tell

My story to another who like me might feel compelled

To do something that's crazy something wild beyond belief

Something that few not many find for giving them relief

From rounds of daily boredom doing everything the same

Nobody but my crazy self that I could ever blame

And yet you ask what's this to do with my eternity

How can I see reflection in what I would do or be

Well may I ask did you go out without a prayer today

To seek the Lord's protection as you traveled in the way

And did you seek some pleasure without having God in mind

That could have meant disaster leaving all you had behind

As you forgot to tie into the Lord through heartfelt prayer

Who was for you the Anchor at your waking waiting there

For crazy as those things may sound that I would like to do

It's crazier to walk through life without God guiding you

And granting you protection and assurance you will be

With Him Who holds creation in His hands eternally

James 4:6-17; Psalm 91


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