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Daily Devotional


A child without a father is in greatest jeopardy

As one who has no father has no image they can see

To represent the Father that is living up above

Who daily leads and guides us with His never ending love

That love that holds the standard of what He would have us be

The standard of the Kingdom that will be eternally

The home of those who follow Christ the Lamb and Son of God

Who daily seek His purpose in the path in which they trod

But children without fathers see but half of what God is

While living with just mother there's a part of God they miss

The part that's strong and noble humbled by his part in life

Who shows God's love to children in the way he loves his wife

Who is for him his anchor in this world of vice and sin

Who helps him be example to the other worldly men

With whom he works by conduct they can see and hear from him

That speaks of his commitment and his love that humbles them

To see a man who's faithful in his words and acts of life

A man who lives to honor that one woman as his wife

Whom God in wisdom gave him making whole what they must be

One body with one purpose as they raise their family

To be a light to heaven as they want the world to know

God has there in His Kingdom homes for each of us to go

And live as one great family wherein love does abide

A love that by the tempest of this world was sorely tried

But thanks to godly fathers who lived God before the eyes

Of those who were entrusted by the Father true and wise

There will be many children there who might have lost their way

For want of seeing Jesus in the things they heard them say

So if you are a father or will be in God's great plan

Don't give yourself to folly listening to the ways of man

But focus on the true One Who gave all that He could give

And be for Him example in the way you choose to live

Before your wife and children and all others who might see

The way you live to honor God and your own family

And know with fullest confidence the heaven you will know

Will be by grace proportioned to what you chose here to show

Deuteronomy 10:13-21; Ephesians 5:21-33

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