Daily Devotional


The treachery of treason is the topic for today

How those who once were leaders could turn followers away

From giving their allegiance to the country where they live

And to the constitution their forefathers died to give

Assuring them of freedom from the tyrants of the past

From socialist agendas where the evils win at last

Of greed and adulation bring corruption to the core

Of those who maintain power always seeking even more

Because their root is evil as it's buried deep in sin

The sin of self perversion that's the common root in men

Who turn from God to Satan to enjoy the fruits he gives

Assuming there's no consequence to how a person lives

Without a Godly Standard as the structure in their life

The man as head to honor his one woman as his wife

And they to raise a family where children look to them

To live as God's example keeping nations close to Him

But sanctity and sacrifice have seemed to pass away

As subtly the family forgot to stop and pray

And caught up in the passions of this world of godless sin

They fell to Satan's efforts to pervert the souls of men

Until both church and country are in desperate straits today

And few there be that seek the Lord in truth and stop to pray

And seek the righteous Father Who would save the souls of men

If they would but observe the past and turn again to Him

And let His Spirit move them from the evils of today

To Christ Who is the only Source of life for those who pray

Who's waiting every morning in the tenets of His Word

To give us His assurance as His Spirit can be heard

Instructing us in wisdom that has heaven as its source

That seeks the good of others trusting God to guide their course

In family and government and in the church of God

Projecting light to all the world upon the path they trod

The path Christ trod before us that we too might follow Him

One people as one nation with one King as Head of them

And that King Christ the Saviour Who is soon to come again

To take them to His home above where Truth and Mercy reign

John 14:1-21

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