Daily Devotional

The Choice is Yours

The choice is yours there's freedom in what God would have you choose

For He Who is all joy and peace does not want you to lose

The comfort and assurance that when life seems upside down

In Him there is no need for fear His Word is solid ground

For in His Word He tells us just what He would have us do

There's victory for each battle that this life will bring us to

If we in prayer will seek His face and listen with the soul

His Spirit will indwell in us by grace to make us whole

But if we choose to doubt Him as we've freedom here to do

If we choose not to follow all He's shown us that is true

Then surely as the morning light tomorrow we will see

The earthly things we've trusted will be lost in tragedy

Maybe not in a moment of disaster or demise

But surely as the devil steals our joy before our eyes

Because by doubting Jesus and the truth of life He brings

We're guaranteed disaster and the loss of everything

But even if our choices are not what the Lord would have

Us choose to frame tomorrow as we walk the doubter's path

His mercy still invites us to receive the joy He brings

When we turn from temptation to the hope He's offering

The hope of life eternal that begins for us today

When from the path of failure by His grace we turn away

And listen to His Spirit Who instructs us through His Word

To follow ever faithful to the things that there are heard

That form us in God's image in the image of His Son

That molds us with the faithful for the work that must be done

In bearing faithful witness to the path He's brought us through

Assuring others failing they can be successful too

For when we share with others how the Lord has been our Guide

From times of past surrender to a life we'd rather hide

They too can have assurance of a life that's bright and new

A life that's found in Jesus by the faithful and the few

Who've chosen not to follow where the masses have been led

But principles in scripture God has given us instead

And found there joy and peace and love to last eternally

That started with the evidence of Love on Calvary

John 3:16-17; Joshua 24:14-15; James 4:13-17


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