Daily Devotional


The sounding of the watchmen that the enemy is near

Should strike within the hearts of men a note of solemn fear

Not fear for the destruction that the enemy will bring

But fear in their departure they've denied their Sovereign King

Departure from the daily time they could have spent with Him

Who made an opportunity each day to be with them

To give them preparation for the battle that would come

As spoken in the scriptures by the One Who holds the sum

Of all that will be needed to defend the Truth of God

As written in the hearts of those who faithfully have trod

The path of His direction leading all who will from Him

Accept the Word of promise He has written just for them

But many have forgotten what God went through here on earth

To give us that salvation born of God in our rebirth

And giving to the earthly have pursued the lusts of men

Who focus not on heaven but their endless rounds of sin

That keep them from the Sovereign Lord of this great universe

Bemused by those attractions that will blind and even worse

Persuade in us fault finding of the very Truth we loved

When first we were converted to that Truth we've speaking of

That Truth that's not just written but is lived in every soul

Who holds the faith of Jesus as their final perfect goal

That faith that's never doubtful of the purpose that they see

Displayed within the Bible written there for you and me

To make us wise and ready when we hear the watchman's call

To rally to the battle willing there to give our all

Because we love that Person Who gave all that He could give

To give us His assurance that with Him we'd ever live

Not just as chosen people but as witnesses and kings

And priests within that Kingdom where the host of angels sing

The praises of our Maker Who created us to be

One people cleansed and holy by the Lamb of Calvary

Who will be coming shortly in His glory here to find

His people who've been faithful in their heart and soul and mind

And with the strength of angels won the battle for the Lord

Because they never stumbled in the Truth that they adored

Ezekiel 3:17-21; John 1:1-4; Psalm 103:19-22


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