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Daily Devotional


So few can comprehend the pain a parent can go through

Who's cared for one with special needs in all that they could do

Who rising every morning had a plan to care for them

Who God in wisdom blessed them with to know the more of Him

And how He cares each moment for us who know not our own

Restricting limitations that have kept us from His throne

Where He would have us be with Him to share His majesty

Had we not been so bound with self in our iniquity

And how He thrills each moment in the little things we do

That show we recognize His love and want His blessing too

And want to be like He is helping others through their pain

To see and know the love of God that frees us once again

First in that living knowledge of the Price He paid for us

To help us in our handicap to place in Him our trust

That feeble though our souls may be our strength is found in Him

And others who observe our faults can also see for them

A promise through our actions and the words that we might speak

That proves that God provides a way for feeble ones that seek

His Spirit Who will comfort them as they become like Him

Through faith that grasps His perfect grace that He provides for them

That grace that is transcending from His Holy Place above

That like a mighty fountain flows through endless waves of love

That sweep o'er us to cleanse us from the messy things we've done

Afforded by the cleansing blood that flowed from Christ the Son

Who perfect and almighty took on Him our feebleness

The weakness of humanity to be our righteousness

To show through His dependence on the Father up above

Our handicapped performance does not limit Godly love

That knows when we're dependent in our heart and mind on Him

There's coming that great promise cherished most by all of them

Whose hearts have been most softened by the evidence of love

Poured out on those most feeble that this poem is speaking of

Who learned to be dependent on the care that others gave

Who had no power within themselves another soul to save

But shared in their dependence that one promise that they could

Beyond the grave God holds in store perfection whole and good

John 1:43-51; Matthew 9:20-22; Mark 6:56; Hebrews 2:14-15

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