Daily Devotional

Assurance for Tomorrow

So often we are stirred by something we can't even see

Concerns about the future that bring us anxiety

When blessings all around us flow from fountains up above

A perfect pure expression of God's never ending love

A love that's rarely focused on or spoken of at best

A love that's always waiting there to bless us with its rest

From worries and concerns that chase humanity each day

That drive the peace and joy and love that can be ours away

The peace that's our assurance that no matter what may come

God knows from our beginning where those challenges come from

And has them under His command to make sure they will be

A blessing to our molding for His Home eternally

And joy that knows no boundaries that will not have an end

When found each morning with the One we know as our best Friend

That cares not for the trials that attend us everyday

But looks into the future when God wipes all sin away

And takes us to those mansions and those gardens up above

To where that river ever flows beneath His throne of love

To live and walk and eat and swim and sing and praise His name

Each day not like another as our joy won't be the same

For everyday we'll grow in love with Him Who loved us most

Who now attends our every step with His great Holy Ghost

Who leads us as we follow listening closely to His voice

That never fails to guide us as we trust to Him our choice

Of how we'll live tomorrow starting with our time today

Abiding in His presence where His love will always stay

Awaiting our arrival to spend special time with Him

In company with angels like the mighty seraphim

He gives to guard our footsteps to remind us through His Word

That as we focus more on Christ His voice can still be heard

Assuring us our future has a purpose for His need

If daily all the lessons He will teach us we will heed

And follow every moment making of what He provides

A blessing that to others shows His love in us resides

As well as peace and joy and grace to face each passing day

Until Christ comes in glory to take all His saints away

Joshua 3:5; Matthew 6:25-34


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