Daily Devotional


The size of an amoeba insignificant at best

Is for the evolutionist a very trying test

Though just a simple single cell it really is complex

Designed by an intelligence poor science tries to vex

For science that denies the evidence that's clear to see

The evidence of God's design that's clear to you and me

Is poor at best in answering the questions needed most

Because it has not truth declared by God's own Holy Ghost

The truth that only knowledge can impart the knowledge to

A creature that is animate to do what it can do

In choosing when to move or not and when to be quite still

As it desires in keeping with the purpose of its will

For even the amoeba has a brain that is its own

That chooses when and where to move though it is all alone

And what to eat and what to leave that will not serve it well

A truth for which poor science has no answer it can tell

And even the amoeba knows though we have not a clue

When splitting for another just exactly what to do

To multiply its presence through the fission of itself

Without the poor instruction that might come from someone else

Because it has a Maker that's implanted in its brain

The part that's called the nucleus the same by any name

The DNA that's needed to produce another kin

That likewise will contain the knowledge God has put therein

But what is so amazing in this thing we cannot see

Without a microscope that magnifies what it might be

Is that this single little cell poor science can't explain

Is multiplied a billion times again and then again

In us whom science blindly thinks it has a handle on

When by its explanation proves so little facts are known

Except as they can make them up for people to believe

Who have not sought the Word of God through faith that they receive

When laying all before the One Who spoke the worlds in place

Who rules the mighty universe the great expanse of space

And even seeks a dwelling place within the hearts of men

Who have the richest science when they let His Spirit in

Genesis 1; Psalm 8


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