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Daily Devotional


Created in God's image to perform a special task

Awaiting our reception if we'd just take time to ask

A task arranged in heaven that's unique to me and you

A purpose in this battle that His grace will bring us through

For now as like none other of the times we've seen before

Our God has called a people who will love and trust Him more

Than everything they've trusted in the eons of their past

As time is quickly closing when the Lord will come at last

To put an end to evil and the sins that people do

That have through endless ages been the curse of me and you

The curse once freely chosen by our father and his wife

To whom our great Creator gave the gift of giving life

The gift so sorely hated by the devil and his band

He's worked through all the ages to destroy God's work in man

Through sexual perversion that degrades the minds of men

Encouraging activities that seal them in their sin

Like men who burn with passion for another of their kind

Who likewise have been given to accept the devil's mind

Believing their emotions are the guide that they should trust

The guide that leads to darkness as their souls are filled with lust

A lust that leads to evils of the most destructive kind

Emboldening in others lies that only leave them blind

To truths that are before them that they're choosing not to see

Rejecting Truth for error that the universe can see

Has come on us as consequence of trusting fallen men

Instead of following the plan that leads us out of sin

Into the holy presence of the One we soon will see

When Christ returns in glory to set all His people free

From death and sin that binds us from the evils of this time

When by His grace the saints will leave this earth with Him to climb

That stairway into heaven where with Him we'll always be

A people with a purpose lived throughout eternity

That shares the grace and mercy of the God of purity

Who shed His blood upon the cross to set the sinner free

From Satan's hold of evil and the darkness of the past

Into that glorious Kingdom where we'll reign with Christ at last

Ecclesiastes 3

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