Daily Devotional

Nature or the Cities

The scriptures say that Jesus is the Way the Truth the Life

The image of the Father come by grace amid the strife

That clouds the minds of evil men who seek to do us wrong

Who gather us like cattle when we live among the throng

Of those who seek the worldly ways that lead to vice and sin

Abundant in the cities where the people gather in

Like herds meant for the slaughter knowing not the Way of God

Nor caring for the simple path that He would have us trod

They tell us how the garden was the first created home

Abundant with the lessons as the two of them would roam

The paths of illustration lined with beauty from the hand

Of Him Who by the power of His Word made them to stand

The two who were our parents who were not supposed to die

But who were meant to train the earth to please their Maker's eye

Through all of their endeavors while exploring here to know

The depths of God's intentions as He wanted them to grow

More like Him in His fulness one in purpose thought and plan

Unique as they were fashioned as the woman and the man

Designed for love's communion as God meant for them to be

Reflective of His purpose when He formed humanity

But unlike Him they gathered to the place where He would not

Be able to defend them in the truth that they forgot

The truth that they could only be within the will of Him

If they obeyed the truth He laid before the two of them

And as we know the lesson that they learned that fateful day

That took from them their innocence because they chose to stray

Did follow them with pain of heart until their life did end

And they were laid to rest by Him they once had known as Friend

But if they had been faithful to the will of God they knew

Had reveled in His nature as He wanted them to do

Instead of seeking pleasure from the place they should not go

Then life with Him eternal would be all that we would know

So friend though nature's fallen and as well bears scars of sin

God still holds there great lessons from the home He wants you in

The cities can not offer as God's love's not welcome there

His voice is all but silenced as none feel the need of prayer

Genesis 2:15-18; 3:1-24; James 4:13-17


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