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Daily Devotional

The Feast

He settled on a cushion by the table for a meal

A meal not like the others He had shared where they could feel

His presence as their Teacher was a blessing to the least

Of those who were attending at this great Passover Feast

He seemed a little sullen as if weighted down by some thing

That was of great significance for which they could not bring

Themselves to ask if they could be a help to bear the load

That weighed on Him as if some debt of grievance there was owed

For something they had no idea at all belonged to them

Though three long years they walked and talked and listened oft to Him

As He would tell the stories that they needed most to hear

About their own salvation and how it was drawing near

When He the Lamb of Sacrifice would pave the sinner's way

To life with Him eternal on the next succeeding day

When like a common criminal the Lord of Glory would

Redeem the ones who came to Him as only Jesus could

For in that special gathering with Mary and the Twelve

He shared with them the mystery where they had never delved

The mystery for centuries they saw but never knew

God promised to fulfill to them the faithful and the few

For He Who was Passover sat among them on that day

The way He sits among us when we take the time to pray

And ponder what He did with them and what it means to us

Who have the opportunity to look to Him and trust

The Plan He made in heaven with the Father and the Ghost

The Plan so pure and simple yet confused the people most

How God could be a person that would live as One with men

And then would be their Sacrifice to save their souls from sin

But as this weighed upon Him as the hour gathered near

He knew that only little of the plan could people hear

And though He sought to share with them what He was soon to do

He would be forced to go alone what He must now go through

But go He did for their sake and for our sake as well

To demonstrate the love of God no mortal tongue can tell

And purchase our salvation at a Price we could not pay

For joy that lay before Him on that great reunion day

Luke 22:1-24

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