Daily Devotional

Darkness to Light

The depth of our depravity we really cannot see

For only God Who's purest Light can see iniquity

For what it truly is to Him in all it's grief and pain

And how it brought upon our hearts its deadly sinful stain

For only God Who's purely Love without one fault at all

Knows what is lost to all of those who fail to heed His call

To come out from the darkness of the life they knew before

To where He's waiting with His grace to give us so much more

More of His great abundance in a life that's pure and clean

Washed by His blood of sacrifice the sinner's never seen

But knows by faith is offered us to wash away all sin

To make us one in Christ alone Who is the sinner's Friend

Because of all He's done for us from throne to bed of hay

From turbulence in childhood to that sacrificial day

When on the cross that was not His He died for you and me

And then rose to begin again His Work in victory

His work that will conclude when from the temple up above

The sensor will be cast to earth the scriptures tell us of

When all His interceding will have reached its final end

And greatest tribulation on this earth will then begin

As unleashed from restraining the four winds will start to blow

And Satan will be free work in those who would not go

To meet the Lord in daily prayer established on His Word

But chose instead the lies of men where Truth could not be heard

And as that tribulation builds in its intensity

And life appears about to breathe its last for you and me

The darkness we'd not known before will finally meet the Light

As Christ returns in glory at the darkest time of night

And blasts away that darkness as He calls the dead to hear

The Call of resurrection for the ones He holds most dear

Who loved Him from a faithful heart when they were laid to sleep

In safety in the stone cold grave His precious ones to keep

Until they rise in glory from the darkness of the tomb

Clothed with the brightness of His light when there will be no room

For doubt or sin or darkness as the Light is all there'll be

Throughout this universe in Love that reigns eternally

1 Thessalonians 4:13-18; Revelation 1:7; Hebrews 2:14-15


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