Daily Devotional

Grace to Serve

The brightness of His glory we can not as yet perceive

But have by His assurance confidence if we believe

That soon we'll see His glory and indwell it as our own

And even wear a golden crown and sit upon His throne

As heirs with Him in glory Him Who died on Calvary

And rose again the third day One with God in victory

Our God and great Creator Son of God and Son of Man

The Lamb of God our Saviour as fulfillment of Their plan

The Plan that God created Father Son and Holy Ghost

The Plan above all other plans to show God's love the most

That started with our freedom to obey or disobey

To live by faith in actions holding true to what we say

When in our words we praise Him as the Saviour of mankind

Revealing through our faithfulness the Light to those still blind

That though maligned in character God's Word to us is true

And longs to be revealed in us through all we say and do

As evidence we do accept what started long before

God made this world and all it has to worship and adore

Him as our God and Maker one in love and purity

While knowing we would someday fall and join His enemy

And even then He'd love us knowing He would pay the cost

That He alone would have to pay to seek and save the lost

Through blood as the fulfillment of the promise that He made

Before the great creation and foundation had been laid

Of this our home our planet that will one day bear the throne

Of Him Who died to save us and to make us as His own

One people in one body cleansed of sin eternally

And still by grace forever by the blood of God set free

To love Him through our actions Who first loved us by His own

And made us while the future and His suffering was known

To Him and to His Father as the one and only Way

To prove His love in action as the bond that He would pay

And that would ever bind the hearts of those who were His own

To Him in perfect harmony that through them might be shown

The pure and perfect evidence God's love knows no reserve

As those who live in love with Him live by His grace to serve

Revelation 3:18-22; Romans 8:10-18; John 1:1-4


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