Daily Devotional

Sweet Jubilation

Eye hath not seen at anytime the beauty in this earth

That will be seen when all have gone again through their new birth

When children will be gathered in their parents arms again

When Christ returns and finally puts an end to worldly sin

Nor can the mind imagine all the things God has in store

For those awaiting His return who loved Him even more

Than every pleasure offered here by Satan and his crowd

That only for a season yet will God in truth allow

For soon time will be finished all creation will perceive

The evil only God could see when Lucifer deceived

The angels up in heaven who in doubt chose to rebel

And tried to bring all others they could reach to where they fell

Down to the lowest level of their dark depravity

That only in God's wisdom by His power He could see

And knowing until all creation could see it as well

If He removed the seed of sin the saved could never tell

The story of redemption and God's perfect seamless love

That never faltered never failed to pour out from above

In waves of pure compassion that He shared upon the cross

When Christ His Son did come to earth and died to save the lost

And more than death to living He did share the truth of life

That's only found when we return from suffering under strife

To living in His glory with the angels that could see

The path we had to travel in this world of misery

As there with Christ in glory that this world has never known

The fruits of that great harvest will be reaped where Love was sown

By those who shared the Gospel through the grace God shared with them

The grace that fueled the living faith they had in only Him

That will be there rewarded by the hands that bear the scars

Forever to remind us how the devil went too far

And how though we had followed mercy brought us back to God

Who never stopped to pay our debt and walk the path He trod

And Who that glorious morning when in heaven we arrive

Will serve that feast that massive feast for those who did survive

And live to tell the story of the greatest love of all

The Love that saw beyond the grave the greatest Joy of all

1 Corinthians 2:1-9


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