Daily Devotional

Temptation And The Word

Slowly imperceptibly like ivy on a tree

The chords of sin can draw us into our iniquity

First through some small temptation we choose not to push away

And then through stronger impulse as we fail to stop and pray

For if in our temptation we will earnestly seek Him

There'll be no strength in evils that can draw us after them

But as so often is the case we fail to find our knee

And find instead our soul's entwined in gross iniquity

But God in love's provided by His grace another Way

A Way that only finds its strength when we bow down and pray

In full abandoned chastity not clinging to our will

But letting go of all we are to listen and be still

And hear His Spirit speaking words of power to our soul

Not words like ours but words of grace through faith that make us whole

Words not with verbal presence that our fleshly ears can hear

But words of deep impression that relieve our souls of fear

And give us strength and confidence His Spirit's always here

No matter what the consequence in laughter pause or tear

He's here to give us comfort and the strength we need to find

To overcome the devil who would occupy our mind

With sin and worldly issues that he knows if we receive

With greater contemplation than the Truth then we'll believe

Temptation's power is greater than the power of God in us

When we refuse to be the fool and place in God our trust

So friend as you are reading what these words in rhythm say

Believe with all your being there's for you a better Way

Than listening to the devil with his clamor and his lies

That make you weak and feeble in your faith in other's eyes

And bow in faith believing by God's grace you're not your own

You're not a puppet on a strength to face this life alone

Nor are you just a barren tree engulfed by ivy's sin

To be the fool and laughing stock of other worldly men

For you are God's creation born of faith to be like Him

A leader in His righteousness to turn the minds of them

From being like their father who through lies destroys their soul

To seeing life in Jesus Christ alone Who makes us whole

Romans 8


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