Daily Devotional

Special People

The gurgle and the giggle of a child in infancy

Is oh so very precious when they are as they should be

As each stage of their new life comes and goes from year to year

And child becomes an adult choosing what they see and hear

To help them through maturity as woman or as man

Fulfill the Godly purpose that the Lord above has planned

As children of our Maker made like Him in imagery

Unique in our creation for the universe to see

But sometimes in this sin filled world development's delayed

And through disease or injury the precious child God made

Remains as one in infancy not growing as we planned

Nor having comprehension in the way we understand

And these we count as special in a realm that's all their own

Not normal in perspective of the way of life we've known

But different in their vision of the way of life they see

Unique in their perspective in their own diversity

For which we should be thankful if we'd take the time to learn

From them the many lessons God would have us to discern

About the things around us that for granted we might take

Not knowing God had put them there as special for our sake

To be admired and studied like a petal or a leaf

So simple yet so complex they inspire in us belief

In Him Who is our Maker Who designed what we should be

Unique in how we know Him in our own diversity

For children that are special God has gifted in this way

Receive a special blessing on that resurrection day

When Christ will come in glory to receive us as His own

And take us to His Kingdom to that place we've never known

Because they'll understand love from the Father in a way

We did not understand love when we lived here day by day

For there they'll have communion with the One that they adore

The One Whom they did lean upon when they were here before

Delayed or even handicapped as we perceived them then

When we could only see the way they suffered from our sin

But then they'll be most glorified as most like God they'll be

And nearest to His loving heart for all eternity

Exodus 19:5-6; Matthew 13:37-43; 18:1-7


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