Daily Devotional

A Daughter's Blessing

Another day another year to celebrate this life

This time not just as daughter but as daughter and as wife

To live and be the person God's ordained that you should be

A living testimony He has planned for all to see

As in your home and workplace in the woods and in the field

Though tempted tried and put upon your spirit will not yield

To bowing to the tempter to disgrace the God you love

But will reflect the principles that grace His throne above

Where all is lived in harmony each person as their own

Peculiar personality to stand around God's throne

Like flowers in a garden each unique in their own way

That shine with God's amazing grace in all they do and say

From times and from experience they lived and learned from here

That made for them the love of God increasingly so clear

They could not help but want to be reflective of His will

That by their living testament another might be filled

With peace and with assurance God has love for them as well

Love that's profound and flourishing beyond what we can tell

That He has demonstrated by the Gift of His own Son The Son

Who came and died for us to make us all as one

And Who is there beside us waiting watching just to see

If given opportunity will we ask Him to be

Our Husband Guide and Maker helping us to be like Him

Revealing life to others that He wants to live in them

And sharing every moment what He's done for us before

When stumbling in temptation we found He adored us more

For realizing in our need He was the only Way

To have the joy we longed to have for which we learned to pray

So as you take each moment from this day into the next

Don't let the many challenges cause you to be perplexed

But focus every morning on how God is molding you

And you can be encouraged He'll be there in all you do

And will with those you cherish work to guide them everyday

In honor of your focus as you seek His will and pray

That one day up in glory when this sinful world is past

You'll live as one great family where love will ever last

Isaiah 54:1-8; 61:10-11


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