Daily Devotional


The end from the beginning is something we cannot see

And what will come tomorrow without us will surely be

What God knows through His knowledge that we cannot understand

As only God can see tomorrow and what He has planned

But sometimes in our anxiousness to have things go our way

We waste the joy that we might have that's here for us today

By selfish words and actions as if we can truly be

The ones who hold the future that will be our history

When God has surely told us in the tenet of His Word

No matter what from others in presumption may be heard

The promise of tomorrow is not ours to have today

Until Christ comes in glory and all sin is wiped away

But this much He has told us of the future to be sure

If we are true and faithful with a heart that's clean and pure

No matter what today may bring eternity will be

The future God has guaranteed that we will surely see

And as we read His Bible trusting purely in His Word

Not trusting in some other for the things that they have heard

But trusting every moment as His Spirit helps us see

Then we will be most happy with His plans for you and me

For in God's perfect vision of the future and today

He knows what He has chosen for the people of the Way

And knows what will tomorrow be the thing we call the past

And what will at His bidding be those things that surely last

As only things that matter for all of eternity

Are those things He is planning for the future that will be

The blessings for the chosen who left everything to Him

Who back in the beginning placed His perfect life in them

And though disgraced and fallen from what He had planned before

Though narrowed in our vision as we seek the future's door

We can know without doubting everything today we see

If trusted to His providence will be what it should be

To give us His security that everything that's good

Will work out for the future just the way He planned it should

Where joy that's never ending will be all the saints will know

Because they trusted and obeyed where God told them to go

Genesis 1:26-31; 2:7; James 4:13-17; Romans 8:24-29


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