Daily Devotional


Whispered by an angel like a fresh new falling snow

May come that sweet assurance God is wanting you to know

Or deep within your being He might make your eye to see

The beauty of His leading through your past dark history

Or maybe through His scriptures He might make your finger trace

The perfect awesome grandeur of His overwhelming grace

Or maybe if so chosen through His nature you might learn

His illustrated lessons of His love for which you yearn

Whatever be the modus operandi He might choose

If faithful to His calling you can know you'll never lose

God's presence in the morning through the day and while you rest

That's promised to His people everyday through every test

Until in clouds of glory Christ returns for those He loves

Those who have watched and waited to be taken up above

Who when sore tried and tempted to release their grasp on Him

Still prayed pursued and listened for His voice of love to them

Not knowing of the future what each day of life might bring

But trusting Him Who made them and provided everything

When on the cross He suffered as the guilty bled and died

The Lamb of God's own choosing Jesus Christ the crucified

That He would not forget them never leave them here alone

But would forever lift them by His grace to be His own

His children born of water and the blood that Jesus shed

One people as one body just the way the scriptures said

But Satan will confuse us if not faithful to God's Word

If we place things around us so His voice cannot be heard

And will be sure to lead us far away from Jesus' feet

To where we'll fail and falter at the voice of his deceit

If we don't stop to listen watch and study everyday

So friend don't be a wasting precious time you have to pray

But make Christ your priority the first thing that you do

And you will find the promise of the end He'll bring you too

The end that's the beginning of eternity with Him

Where angels walk and all the saints will wear a diadem

That's given to the faithful who chose everyday to be

Attentive to God's presence that begins eternity

1 Chronicles 16:8-16; 2 Chronicles 7:14; Psalm 24

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