Daily Devotional


How can a man observe his past and think that he could be

Acceptable to Jesus Christ in all His purity

How can a man observe his days and not be brought to tears

For every place he tripped and fell abandoned to his fears

That someone might reject him so he compromised his will

Assuming when tomorrow came he'd have God's promise still

As he would plan tomorrow to make all things right with God

Would walk the path prepared by Him Who held the Staff and Rod

How can a man who walked before the Way where Jesus led

But then turned back from following to join the living dead

Who choose not to serve Jesus Christ as Saviour of mankind

Be brought again to love His Way with purpose heart and mind

There is no way within the man or woman you must see

Without the perfect grace of God that serves humanity

With love and opportunity to bend to mercy's call

Abandoning their sinful past to give to Him their all

Through faith that knows no limit only as we choose to be

Held by the limitations of our own perversity

For God Who gives us faith by grace will also help it grow

That all who see might also want this seed that grace will so

For faith that's seen by others and the power that it has

To move a mighty mountain and erase our sinful past

Takes root and grows in others who have opportunity

To see the power of God displayed by grace through you and me

That faith that makes acceptable the one who's left behind

Their past of sin and wretchedness that occupied their mind

And grasped by faith the hand of God for all the world to see

The purpose of that mighty Love that died on Calvary

And then rose on the morning to begin His work anew

To feed the faith of those who trip and show them what to do

To still grasp hold the promise trusting He Who gave them life

Would also cover little times they buckled under strife

But came back more than ever with the strength that's found in Him

The strength that holds by faith the grace God gives to all of them

Who daily seek the Saviour Who gave all that we might live

And by His grace embrace that faith He daily waits to give

Romans 4:13-18; 12:3; 2 Corinthians 8:7; Ephesians 2:8-10


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