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Daily Devotional

Our Example

So often when we're tempted by the devil to observe

The pleasures found by others in the sinful things they serve

We tend to bow to pressure compromising what we know

Will keep us bound for heaven on the path where we must go

And wandering a little as at first we want to see

The pleasures found by others in their own iniquity

We stumble for a moment without knowing when we trip

Another sees us stumble who enjoys our fellowship

And they through our influence compromise their values too

As they pursue that other path the way they see us do

And then there comes another and another in that way

That draws us from God's presence til at last we cease to pray

But then if by some measure we see light from what we've done

Reflected by another who still serves the Father's Son

Who injured by our actions does not fail in Him to be

A witness to God's values through their own integrity

And we return to Jesus asking Him to cleanse our soul

And by His grace through His embrace again to make us whole

Though we again by turning from that path we chose to trod

Are sealed by His forgiveness still our past has injured God

As those who we've influenced may not choose again to be

Among the tried and faithful living with integrity

For they may find the pleasures they've discovered more to be

Desired than the glory Christ has promised we might see

If faithful to His calling that they once thought of great price

But shallowly lost value when compared with worldly vice

They found when they once followed in the path we chose to trod

When we unwise and foolish took that path away from God

So friend when you are tempted look behind yourself to those

Who watch you for direction trusting that the way you chose

Before was what God wanted so they trust you still today

To give them an example of the true and living Way

And maintain by your focus everyday with God in prayer

The character of Jesus as you show the ones who care

That only faith that's living through the things we say and do

Will keep us bound for heaven and the home He's leading to

Matthew 5:28-30; 18:7-11; Exodus 34:9; Jeremiah 3:13-14

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