Daily Devotional

Giving All

The son of an aristocrat a man of worldly means

A person held in high esteem by other folks it seems

No brawler nor a drunkard not a lier or a thief

Just one more hopeful sinner looking for his souls relief

Came asking of the Master for some promise on that day

That if by some good action he might gain the narrow Way

That leads to one's salvation with a future life assured

Where saints will live forever never more by sin allured

But as he asked the Master for that thing that he might do

To gain his spot in heaven he was hoping to pursue

The answer from those loving lips were not what he had planned

And in their pure simplicity seemed such a great command

For though you see he'd lived a life obeying holy Law

And by those in community was held as one of awe

In truth his heart was not the Lord's as he made all believe

And what the Lord revealed to him just made him stop and grieve

For in Christ's words and actions He made everything quite clear

That nothing that we can possess will give us promise here

Of sharing that hereafter where the saints in glory shine

Where all will live in perfect joy with all their past behind

And nothing that we hope to do can gain us promise there

Except as we abandon all each day to God in prayer

And as He brings conviction place in Him our trust each day

Til we have in obedience put all those things away

That might for us be stumbling blocks not letting Him within

The depths of our internal hearts to cleanse our souls of sin

And make of us His channels one in purpose thought and mind

His vessels for the pouring of His hope on those we find

Are likewise torn and struggling with some issues from their past

Who need to know that by God's grace if all on Him we cast

Our future will be brighter than we ever thought before

And heaven will be cheaper to the ones who gave Him more

Because they know the value was not in the things they held

But in the One Who lives in them Whose grace has never failed

And giving all for Jesus gave them more grace in return

A lesson that the church today has desperately to learn

Matthew 19:16-30


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