Daily Devotional

The Gift

So many celebrations on this bright new Christmas day

As people unwrap packages and throw the trash away

And some hold gifts they're given like a treasure to their heart

While others hold the giver as the most important part

But as the years are passing from that Christ-mas long ago

I wonder if that many really think or even know

Just what this season's all about and why we celebrate

This time so many truly love that other people hate

For if we truly understood and cherished what's been done

By God so many years ago through Mary's firstborn Son

The greatest of all perfect gifts the Christ the Great I Am

Would Christmas be for gifts for us or for God's Perfect Lamb

Who gave the greatest Gift of all when from His throne above

He Who was high and holy demonstrated perfect love

And without hesitation wrapped Himself in human flesh

And came the little Baby we portray in every creche

And would the gifts we're given be for frivolous display

That often find another home as we give them away

In hope that someone else will find a purpose or a place

To utilize this “perfect” gift that takes up too much space

Or would this time be different would the gifts we give show love

That seeks the needs of others in the way Christ taught us of

To give to those who cannot give the same back in return

That we by grace might live the faith we claim in Him to learn

That faith that lives through giving all we have at Christmas time

And every other day we live through meter verse and rhyme

As our lives become poetry that flow in perfect praise

To Him Who holds the Poet's pen and has the power to raise

His people who have fallen to that sleep we know as death

When soon He will return to find the ones who knew Him best

Who gave as He has given with a purpose for the souls

Of those who know not heaven is a place to be made whole

As one in Christ together one in perfect unity

The Gift One with the Giver and the whole great family

Of those who were reflective of the Son the Father gave

Through gifts that gave Him honor through the ones He came to save

Luke 2:1-20; Ephesians 4:4-8


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