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Daily Devotional

John Baptist

He kept his struggles hidden from the ones who followed him

Though Satan dogged his every step to cause the fall of them

Who trusted in his mission to prepare a straightened way

Just like the prophet had foretold the coming one would say

This man called the forerunner who would go before the Lord

Who all his life prepared for these few months God would afford

Him time to call the people to repentance from their sin

To come down to the water to be washed anew again

But many had no knowledge of the struggle he went through

When standing in the dungeon for some thing he did not do

This man who lived in freedom now contained within a cell

Oppressed by dark depression of which no man's tongue could tell

For he had seen the Saviour he had held Him in his arms

When in that Jordan River he had sounded the alarm

That He Who stood before him was indeed the Lamb of God

Who came to take the sins away from those who choose to trod

The path He'd lay before them they would call the living Way

And there embrace the will of God communing everyday

With Him Whom John had known before when in the wild he lived

Where God prepared him for the work and message he must give

But now while in that battle with the devil for his soul

He longed to know that what he'd done was meant to make men whole

And in his desperation sent a message to the One

Whom he believed with all his heart to be the Father's Son

And when his friends recited all the things that they had seen

How Jesus healed delivered even made the lepers clean

His heart rejoiced in knowing that at last his work was done

And now whatever happened he could face because the Son

Had given him assurance there was nothing more to do

The work that God had called him to he faithfully went through

Without the slightest compromise as by God's grace he stood

Before the worldly monarch just the way he knew he should

And though on the tomorrow he should take his life away

He now had the assurance come the resurrection day

He'll stand beside the One again he'd been privileged to see

But this time not for just a day for all eternity

Luke 7:19-29

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