Daily Devotional


What purpose does your anger serve you harbor deep within

What difference does it have from that that's found in other men

Is yours a righteous anger for some evil that's been done

Or righteous indignation for the way your life's been run

By others who control you who manipulate your fears

Who have their own agenda that cares not about your tears

As long as they're rewarded for the trials you go through

And profit from your hardship gaining praise for what you do

Or is your anger something someone else has suffered for

That sees the dark injustice in another person's core

That seems to go unpunished for the evils that they do

And pain they bring on others by the things they put them through

Or is your anger focused on the way you are inside

The person you've been building in the end you cannot hide

From others who may see you for the one you truly are

But seem to tolerate you like an old and faded scar

You see there're many reasons for the anger we might have

Effecting every step we take along life's daily path

But though it isn't sinful to be angry in our soul

True Wisdom says that anger can prevent our being whole

For often in our anger we miss more that we might see

The beauty of surrender born of God to set us free

Free from that pent up anger that keeps other folks outside

When joy is what they offer us to let their words abide

As jewels of encouragement for struggles we go through

For struggles in this lifetime are not something strange and new

But how we choose to handle them is what determines when

Our anger's just a tool of grace or path that leads to sin

But when we realize that God rewards what we can't see

Rewards the source of evil and its dark perversity

And every deep injustice from its root to fruit it bears

It helps us focus more on Godly love and how He cares

And how He'll soon abolish every evil power of sin

That will not through eternity raise up its head again

For love will displace anger and forever dwell inside

The ones whom God has ransomed by His blood when Jesus died

Ephesians 4:26; Revelation 21:1-5


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