Daily Devotional

Thanksgiving Lesson

Today as many gather for thanksgiving in their home

The world has many others who are struggling all alone

Who for a simple morsel of some food that they might eat

Abandon all propriety while living on the street

While others who have nothing but are thankful just for life

Consider it a blessing as more things just bring more strife

And living very simply help them focus more on Him

Who lived with nearly nothing just to give His life for them

And then there are the few that see this life as something grand

Within the theme of heaven and God's great eternal plan

To mold and fashion characters reflective of His will

To meet the needs of others through necessities they fill

Through blessings from God's favor He has laid upon their path

Not focused on the future as a way to leave the past

But as a way to utilize the lessons they have learned

While walking by the promises that other folks have spurned

Those promises of blessing for the ones who've come to find

God watches and provides for those who have an open mind

To Him and to His scriptures that provide the plan for life

That started in the Garden God gave Adam and his wife

For there they learned that giving to creation gave returns

As everyday their living taught them lessons that they learned

From Him Who is our Maker Who provides for all our needs

That starts with living water and the warmth of light on seeds

And then through love provided at each stage of early growth

The earth and all around this tiny seed fulfill their oath

To share the life they're given through the nourishment it needs

To bear its fruit for harvest sharing as it intercedes

To give to yet another as the chain of life goes on

One giving for another like the Rock we're built upon

Who gave His all that we might be like Him in every way

That makes us purely fitted for that coming banquet day

When we will all be gathered who have given Him our all

Through giving to another who has suffered from the fall

Because of love that prompted us to be the most like Him

Who gives to us the resources to share His love with them

James 2:1-18


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