Daily Devotional


So many find a refuge from the burden of their fears

In sharing with another through a multitude of tears

Their inmost hidden secrets from the chambers of their mind

In trust that certain someone won't divulge the things they find

But humans are still human we're still vulnerable and weak

And even though one listens they have not the power we seek

To move a mighty mountain or to calm a raging sea

Or even in their discourse help us be from burdens free

But there is One Who listens when we lay our burdens down

Through prayer and Bible study when we meet on holy ground

Who has the power and wisdom that no other place we find

To grant us joy that's certain in a free devoted mind

That seeks Him in the morning with no burden from our sin

As we grasp hold the promise of forgiveness found within

The love in our relationship with Him Who is divine

Who holds all things together not controlled by space or time

For He Who is eternal Who laid majesty aside

Is just as present here today for those who choose to hide

Their heart's concerns and burdens in the One in Whom they find

Has power to deliver and give them a peace filled mind

As when He was still walking by the shores of Galilee

Just now He's in the Person of another Entity

The One Whom He had promised would be always by our side

The Comforter from heaven Who also will dwell inside

The heart and soul of people who seek not the things of earth

But seek that close communion that begins in our rebirth

When we before the Father claim allegiance to the Son

And from that time determine we will always be as One

In purpose thought and action even in the words we speak

As daily just like Jesus every moment we will seek

The wisdom of the Father shared with us through Christ the Son

And placed within our person by the third eternal One

That we might never worry never bow to our concern

But be a light to others in the wisdom that we learn

Through intimate devotion with our Father God and King

Who through His Holy Spirit makes us one in everything

Isaiah 9:6-7; 41:28-29; John 14:12-21


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