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Daily Devotional

Vote – The Power of Freedom

Today God's chosen people must continue what He's done

And carry forth this mighty work begun through Christ His Son

To bring the Light to darkness as the morning of this day

Must be most bright and glorious to reveal the hidden way

That Satan through his power has destroyed the souls of men

Has bound them through iniquity to rule their hearts within

Perverting every vestige of what was humanity

With compromise and chaos that has caused insanity

Where what is wrong is seen as right in eyes that will not see

Dulled by the entertainment world through its perversity

Ruled by a higher power in a realm outside our own

That's fought against the Son of God since time that is unknown

And that has been so subtle in its art of deep deceit

That those who were created in God's image kiss the feet

Of him whose plan and purpose is to steal the souls of men

Who through their self-indulgent lust prefer the power of sin

They think will give the freedom while instead it makes them slaves

Who will be resurrected in the future from their graves

To see the light and glory of the host of the Redeemed

Who sacrificed to live for Christ while Satan they esteemed

By keeping those in power who have pushed the devil's lie

That souls who live for evil will not ever have to die

When Truth was right before them in the Body of God's Word

From which they purposely had turned so Truth could not be heard

So brothers and my sisters if you'll live for Christ today

Rise up to that great honor as you march against the fray

Of evil that surrounds you vote your conscience before men

Who've sold their souls to Satan to bring freedom to an end

For time is quickly closing soon our Saviour's going to come

As He'll be looking for the ones who counted on the sum

Of all He's done to share with them His restoration plan

To bring the Love of Truth to light to save the soul of man

But if we fail God's calling to be voice of Him today

And let this golden moment be abused and pass away

Then so will all our freedom to prepare the hearts of men

For what is soon to happen as this world is soon to end

Ephesians 6:1-18; Daniel 12:1-3; Proverbs 4:10-27

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