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Daily Devotional

Peculiar People

Have you in truth received the Spirit God would have in men

The Spirit of the living God to overcome all sin

Or have you still the spirit born of doubt and disbelief

That spirit of the evil one the liar and the thief

Have you a heart desire to profess the gospel Word

To live like Christ the Light of God to draw them heavenward

Who would be taught the Living Truth that pleads with hearts today

To look to Him Who is our Life and from sin turn away

Or do you find it easier to live as others do

To not be so peculiar that they tend to look at you

And wonder why you're different in the things you do and say

And are you fearful of their thoughts if you should stop and pray

And thank God for His bounties He through grace has poured on you

Because of love that looks beyond the things you say and do

And looks into the future with you standing by His side

Because when called to service you were not the one to hide

But saw through your devotions everyday the Price He paid

And chose that come what may you would not choose to be afraid

But would allow His Spirit to possess your inmost soul

And by His grace display through you how He can make us whole

Not bending to the devil nor acceding to his plan

To compromise your values when you need to take a stand

And show the world you're chosen to be Christ's and Christ's alone

To stand against the evil in a strength that is not known

By those who know not Jesus have not walked with Him each day

Have not absorbed His scriptures every morning as they pray

Nor spoken with Him freely all throughout their day's pursuits

To be their Guide and Counsel in those things that constitute

The principles of righteousness He's built His Kingdom on

For which we've all been chosen if on Him we lean upon

Not trusting self to guide us by our feelings or our fears

But looking straight to Jesus Who saw us through many tears

When He received that bitter cup He would not turn away

Because of love He had for us that knew no other way

To purchase our redemption at the cost of all He knew

As only total sacrifice for us alone would do

1 Peter 2:1-17

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