Daily Devotional

Fashioned For The City

How perfectly in splendor will the saints in glory be

When they with Christ have traveled from this earth to that City

Wherein His throne of glory with the Father now abides

And mercy reigns with righteousness as justice coincides

For all the saints in glory who have traveled from this earth

Who have by faith been baptized in the waters of rebirth

And those who were not able but lived up to all they knew

Will have the greatest honor God's reserved for just the few

Who had no love for vanity no love for finite things

That made them less in value than the perfect offerings

God worked within their hearts to make when they His love could see

Poured out without reserve on all who looked to Calvary

And saw there in His Offering something they could not know

Without abandoning their past to let His Spirit show

Them how much He has loved them and will always love them still

When they by faith grasp hold of grace to live the Father's will

That has no part with evil does not compromise with sin

But works by grace with those of faith to place His power within

That power that is also grace that leads to victory

In all who set aside themselves the more like Him to be

Who is our Life eternal in compassion recognized

By those who live among us who thought God had been disguised

By those who claimed to know Him but lived more to serve themselves

Than they desired to be like Christ and live for someone else

Who needed His compassion needed love that matched their words

Revealed through selfless actions when all worldly ones inferred

They had no hope for promise to be saved or reconciled

For all that they had done that made them wretched and defiled

But those who truly knew Him Who had given them His all

Before He even made them let alone before the fall

Could see if but for grace alone they too would have no hope

And willingly did sacrifice to help that sinner cope

With guilt that turned to blessing scars that turned to points of praise

To make and mold and fashion them for when the Lord will raise

The dead in Christ to glory to go Home with Him on High

To live within that City where the saints will never die

Romans 3:23; John 14:1-3; 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18; Revelation 21:1-7


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