Daily Devotional

Time For The Choosing

The people railed against Him for the good that He had done

The good that proved beyond a doubt He was the Father's Son

They mocked Him and they taunted Him without the slightest cause

And constantly derided Him Who never gave them pause

To think Him less than holy less than Lover of their souls

Less than the One Who walked with them and daily made them whole

Returning love for hatred peace for evil they had done

And teaching only ever how God's love could make them one

But Satan was their master whom they chose through lives of sin

Whom they desired to have control of what they were within

Just sepulchers of emptiness whitewashed so they'd appear

To be the people God approved when what they were was clear

To all who had discernment who did truly serve the Lord

Who saw through time in scriptures Christ was He Whom they adored

And though they could not understand the works of other men

They knew that Jesus was the One to save them from their sin

But as we've seen forever so we see today as well

The hatred and the bigotry that has its roots in hell

Portrayed through those who mock the one ordained by God to be

The one who gains a little time to set the captives free

Those captive in delusion that still feeds their lust for wealth

That tantalizes all their tastes destroying love and health

And makes them pawns within the game of life that soon will end

When Christ returns in victory not as the sinner's Friend

For then there'll be no sinners singing I Surrender All

No failings in the faithful who have heard the Master's call

None tempted by the devil to return from where they've come

For all will have determined what will be their final sum

Accounting them as righteous by the virtue of the Lamb

Alike with Christ in oneness Who alone is the I Am

Or followers of Satan with no morals in their soul

Just self induced insanity which is the devil's goal

So friend today be wary of temptations that you see

Don't let them draw you from the path of true integrity

But keep Christ in your focus grasp His hand of grace through faith

And live your life as He would live if He were in your place

Matthew 23:27-36; Revelation 7:9-17

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