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Daily Devotional

Loss to Comfort

How do you comfort someone who has lost the will to live

Who has for no fault of their own been forced their all to give

Who in one instant moment had their life before their eyes

Destroyed by someone's thoughtless act in which another dies

And then how do you lead them to a closer walk with Him

Who feels with great intensity the pain that's killing them

Who has His arms around them though they cannot feel or see

His Presence and the tears He cries in deepest sympathy

For truly He can feel our pain Who is our Source of life

Who suffers even more than we from all this worldly strife

And Who in His great wisdom does allow each tragedy

Because in His great mercy He holds more than we can see

For though this life is precious it's still finite at its best

And soon no matter who we are at last we'll go to rest

To wait upon the Judgment when at last our Lord returns

And all will be rewarded with the outcome that they earn

Through thoughts and words and actions they've embraced and practiced here

Not knowing of the impact on another's thoughts and fears

To draw them to the Saviour or to drive them far away

Most certainly to be revealed when comes the Judgment Day

And for this very reason God can see what we cannot

And has within His memory all things that we've forgot

He moves in ways though painful here we cannot comprehend

Because he sees beyond the now to when all pain will end

And knows what will be glorious in the lives of the Redeemed

When lives that have been parted will be one again and seamed

Together in a tapestry of joy and loveliness

Enhanced by all we suffered here with Him Who knew us best

And held us in that moment when life seemed to want to end

When nothing seemed to comfort us not even our best friend

But He was there beside us Who had walked this path before

And knew beyond that moment what we wanted even more

To be at last united with the ones we could not see

Were resting safe and waiting for that Day that's soon to be

When Christ will come triumphant and receive those from the grave

For whom He came and suffered died and rose again to save

1 Thessalonians 4:13-18;

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