Daily Devotional

Lessons of The Grave

Have you considered how this earth was once a living womb

When Christ our Saviour lay at rest within the darkened tomb

No more the spotless victim as the Lamb of sacrifice

But soon the risen Victor Who had paid the perfect Price

For as He lay within the tomb that quiet Sabbath Day

His earthly work completed for the Price He came to pay

The few who knew were watching for the promise He had made

That on the third day He would build upon the Rock He laid

The temple of His body born again to life anew

This time as our Example of what He is soon to do

When from the dusty graves He'll call again His saints to rise

To new life in His glory with His pure light in their eyes

No more bound by the bondage death had on them in the grave

But as the holy people Jesus promised He would save

With bodies just like His this time and not His just like theirs

In robes of spotless purity each ransomed soul then wears

For when our Saviour rose that day that early first day morn

He ventured on the new work for which He again was born

The work of intercession with His Father on His throne

Within the sanctuary in the court where all is known

Where every life is measured by the things that they have done

And how they represented what they knew of Christ the Son

As children of the Father sons of light and joy and peace

Or of the prince of darkness who is soon to finally cease

The pain he's caused to suffer on the ones who would not bend

The ones who found in Jesus Christ their true and lasting Friend

Who loved Him more than life itself and knew when they would die

The next thought they would have would be when Christ comes in the sky

So friend if you have loved ones who are soon to pass away

Ask God to grant you comfort as for them each day you pray

That where they go is simply just a rest within this earth

From which they too will rise to life like Christ in His new birth

In bodies that will never know the fear of death again

Will never suffer from the curse once brought on us by sin

But will with Christ rejoice and sing that great redemption song

And never will be forced again to ask oh Lord how long

Hebrews 2:6-15; 1 Corinthians 15:51-58

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