Daily Devotional


How can you truly love Someone you've never even seen

How can you want to go Somewhere you've never ever been

How can you say you serve Someone Whose presence you've not known

And do a work the Way He worked without you being shown

His Way as your Example that He once came here to give

So many many years ago before you ever lived

Before the world had video recording all He'd done

Who was God's Representative His all eternal Son

How can you think you live the Way He's wanting you to live

Without exact description written by His hand to give

You line by line instructions from the cradle to the grave

Uploaded on a hard drive someone else was there to save

You see it's not that simple all these claims that Christians make

These claims that have eternity with Jesus Christ at stake

These claims they say they act upon wherever they might be

That make one pause to wonder is that Christianity

That's often cross and critical and sometimes even frets

About the smallest issues or something that someone gets

That they thought ought to be their own that they had never earned

Nor had they poise and attitude the other person learned

By sitting with the Master every morning in their prayers

By reading from the scriptures just how much our Father cares

Not just once in their worship if they had worship at all

But every opportunity they had to hear God's call

And answer in obedience to His clear will for them

Revealed and intertwined within the written Word of Him

Inspired by His Spirit as He shared with men of old

Who wrote with perfect accuracy the things that they were told

So we by blood and water might receive what can't be seen

Except by living evidence just what the Spirit means

Should be our faith experience not just what we've been told

By others who assume they know the Truth they do not hold

So now while God is waiting to be One on one with you

Dig deep within His precious Word the Way He wants you to

And don't stop seeking Wisdom until you know deep inside

The perfect love and presence of God's Spirit as your Guide

John 14:1-17


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