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Daily Devotional


As each day is a journey on the road of righteousness

For those who seek God daily for His plan of usefulness

We find that there is one condition that must always be

And that must be submission to His will for you and me

For often far too often as we look upon our past

We see how our submission was a thing that did not last

And failing to submit our will to His eternal plan

Made us more of a stumbling block before our fellow man

But when we looked beyond ourselves to what God planned for us

And placed in Him by full surrender our eternal trust

He made us perfect stepping stones each day we chose to be

Reflective of the One He gave Who died on Calvary

For Christ as our Example never had a selfish will

He never sought the praise of men His emptiness to fill

For He was never empty as each day He always found

His soul inspired with joy and peace while bowed on holy ground

For ground where God is present when we meet Him on our knees

Whereby His grace through living faith we can His glory seize

Of goodness love and blessing that He has for us to find

Is also where we leave the past of painfulness behind

And grasp by faith the future knowing as we let Him lead

He'll take us step by step upon the path He knows we need

To follow to be more like Him Who meets us everyday

In quietness and solitude where we have need to pray

For in those quiet moments when submitted to His will

When we lay all our burdens down and just be hushed and still

He shares with us the plans He's made and where He'd have us go

That will make us the more like Him that all the world might know

There is a God in heaven Who surrounds us everyday

Who hears us and abides with us when we take time to pray

Who leads us every moment in the journey we are on

That journey to the Kingdom He declares to be our own

And promises though tempted here and tried by circumstance

If we'll surrender everyday to Him and take our stance

Upon His Law of love and peace cleansed by His blood applied

We'll also walk the streets of gold with Him we crucified

John 15:1-10

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