Daily Devotional

God Still Has Control

Each morning as I'm waking I find God is still in charge

Of each and every moment with each challenge small or large

And find that as I trust Him He will do what's needed most

Through loving intercession by His precious Holy Ghost

But sometimes I'm too anxious for the outcome that I seek

And push for my agenda though in truth I'm far too weak

To move the mighty mountain from its base into the sea

The way that God has promised if I trust He'll do for me

And headlong like a race horse I'll pursue the path I think

Is what my God's intended to provide my food and drink

Not realizing how my wants and deep anxiety

Remove those precious lessons grace through faith still holds for me

Those lessons about patience born of trust in love with Him

Who holds the pen as Author Who's responsible for them

In timing and performance when and where they're needed most

Provided in His wisdom through His mighty Holy Ghost

Who knows me even better than I think I know myself

And wants me even more so to be like His perfect Self

To be a light to others of the trust I put in Him

Who wants to be the Saviour also for the souls of them

Who wander in the darkness of this world for want of love

That only can be found of Him Who watches from above

And sends His holy angels to abide each step we take

To help us as we trust Him not to make that big mistake

Exchanging for presumption precious faith that will not fail

When strengthened every morning as the head and not the tail

Of what our God would have us know He's planned for us each day

When we take time to let Him lead us in the narrow Way

That winds us through the valleys of decisions we must make

That have eternal purpose when we choose for Jesus' sake

To lay all worldly thinking with its passions to the side

And let God's Holy Spirit through our patience be our Guide

Who brings us out in glory when at last we see His face

Who walked us through His-story by His pure unending grace

We found each waking moment when we placed our trust in Him

Who holds the past and future and controls the whole of them

Matthew 21:21-22; Mark 11:22-26; Philippians 4:19


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