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Daily Devotional


The glow of dawn awakes me with the rising morning light

Another day has broken as it drives away the night

And all who would be faithful to the whisper of God's voice

Have once again before them life to live with guided choice

But choice is not surrender of the soul at His demand

As some would try to tell you from the point on which they stand

But is the motivation to do what's desired of you

Because you see the beauty in what God would have you do

The beauty that's reflective of how Jesus lived before

When nothing could entice His mind no thing could please Him more

Than time spent with His Father at the break of day in prayer

Communing One together in the love that they did share

The love that looked beyond them to the purpose Jesus came

To live the Truth not spoken by the ones who spoke His name

But live it as was written by the prophets long ago

The way God had intended that His faithful ones should know

For Truth has many faces many faces yes indeed

That meets us where we are with love and wants to meet our need

To know we've still a rest beyond the trials now we face

If we by faith accept His Truth that saves us by His grace

And then once we've accepted by our faith what He has done

That pure and perfect cleansing of our sins through Christ the Son

Truth teaches us the lessons of the Law that He did give

To fit us for the Kingdom where He's wanting us to live

That's also taught in lessons from the light that's in God's Word

When Jesus taught in parables His lessons that were heard

By those who chose to listen chose to write those lessons down

For which God made arrangement in the Bible could be found

And then Truth has one more face as it moves and lives today

When shared by those who listen to God's Spirit as they pray

It molds the soul of each one who will let His Spirit in

To hate the very essence of those self-indulgent sins

That caused our Lord to suffer on that tree of Sacrifice

That tree whereon the Lamb of God did pay the greatest

Price Because Truth also taught us when it suffered on that tree

Love is that Truth that lights the Way to Life for you and me

John 14:1-6; Romans 5:1-10

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