Daily Devotional

The Vineyard

So many who are standing in the vineyard of the Lord

Who know not by experience the One Who is adored

By angels up in heaven and the few who know Him here

Who serve with adoration the Almighty they hold dear

Have need to know Him likewise in their heart and mind and soul

The Carpenter from Galilee Who works to make men whole

The Master of the universe Who walked the stormy sea

Yet longs to live within the hearts and lives of you and me

For if they truly knew Him those who live within His church

Would not they be like beacons to the world for those who search

For meaning and salvation for that hope that never dies

That's seen within the windows of the souls through people's eyes

But most are just too busy in their worldly ways to care

For all the souls who're searching for some meaning way out there

Too busy seeking fortune and the pleasures that they find

That stifle their convictions God would press upon their minds

That times not for our pleasure not our own commodity

To be expended freely on the trinkets that we see

That have no place or purpose in the service of the Lord

Who's soon to come like thunder to the ones who have ignored

That shakes the world with warning that the storm will soon be here

And fills the souls not ready with an ever present fear

That talents they have wasted will return to cause them pain

And anguish without measure that will drive the lost insane

To realize they had Him Who is coming once again

But chose to just ignore Him Who for them had suffered pain

And selfishly apposed Him Who had died to take their sin

When they preferred the pleasures of the world we're living in

But those who choose to follow in the path that Jesus laid

Who choose to work with diligence no matter what they're paid

Will find that peace that passes everything they can perceive

When they by grace obey Him through that faith that they receive

That works while in the vineyard with the talents they possess

Not fearing only trusting that in God they'll have success

To be revealed in heaven when they meet the people there

Who tell them of salvation God brought them through those who shared

Isaiah 5:1-16; Matthew 25:13-31

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