Daily Devotional


So many people passing walking by Me everyday

Just focused on devises as they try to get away

From hearing from My Spirit as He tries to woo them in

To safety from temptation that is drawing them to sin

But as they keep their focus on the world and not on Me

They're giving up their freedom in exchange for slavery

To him who would be master of the path of every soul

With ultimate destruction of each person as his goal

And shamefully the people who of all should be aware

Of what is going to happen to the ones who do not care

Are following the leaders who have sold their souls to him

Instead of seeking guidance from the One Who's purchased them

In how to reach the masses with the Gospel I have given

The Gospel that I purchased when I left My place in heaven

And came a helpless Baby born of Mary in a stall

Where all the light of glory was a flicker on the wall

But as that light grew brighter with the passing of the years

So fraught with persecution as I walked the path of tears

I knew it would be worth it if My people'd only see

The love come from the Father in His sacrifice of Me

And as they saw that love they would be broken from their past

To be fully abandoned to Our mission as they cast

Their all to be in service to their great Almighty King

As they pursued their service utilizing everything

They have within their power to alert the world today

Of trials and persecution and destruction on it's way

As Satan's final efforts to destroy all of mankind

Will only be restricted to the ones who did not find

The answers to life's meaning in My Father Ghost and Me

Through prayerful time in scripture where the truth is clear to see

And where My power is hiding waiting for each one to have

Who's focused more on mission than their own misguided path

That leads to pain and misery with emptiness and strife

That has no contribution to the fullness of this life

That's found today and always when one puts their trust in Me

And knows soon we together will be One eternally

James 1:12-27; Daniel 12:1-3; John 17:20-23


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