Daily Devotional

Like Children

There are no sweeter purer prayers than those that can be heard

From children who in simple faith put love in every word

Whom having not been occupied with worldliness and vice

Just want to go and play and walk each day with Jesus Christ

Whom they've been told was likewise born a Baby just like them

And through imagination saw the little Boy in Him

Go running through the village playing game and having fun

When all His chores were finished in the daily waning sun

And Whom they could see sitting on His loving mother's knee

Enjoying all the learning from the scriptures He could see

That pointed to the Saviour Who would come the great I Am

Disguised as One among us Who would die the perfect Lamb

Until one day when old enough He saw the sacrifice

And in the temple realized that He would pay that Price

And from that day made every moment count more than before

As now He knew His purpose and what He was given for

And then they can envision Him in walks along the sea

Instructing all the people in what God would have them be

And playing with the children as He loved them most of all

Who in their precious innocence still heard His Father's call

Upon their hearts to follow Him and listen to His words

And focus on the things He said that pointed heavenwards

That they might always focus on the things that they could see

As precious illustrations that lead to eternity

Where they who truly love Him truly want to be like Him

Will do the things that show His Spirit truly lives in them

And molds them on the outside to reflect His image true

While fashioning the inside that controls the things they do

But is it only children who should see the Lord that way

Or should we as His children still desire to walk and play

With Christ the way we once did or once heard about of Him

Who now is waiting patiently to see His heart in them

Who know Him as their Saviour as their Maker and their King

And also as their truest Friend Who gives them everything

That's not just for salvation but for joy of living too

That sees through eyes of childlike faith the Way the children do

Matthew 18:1-6; Romans 8:12-18


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