Daily Devotional

The Cross

The Saviour placed His hands upon the cross of His Own will

It took no human hands to hold His quivering body still

He watched as spikes from others pierced His precious hands and feet

And only words of love did His parched lips seek to repeat

For there in matchless glory lay God's goodness for the eyes

Of all the universe to see and hear as anguished cries

Were heard not for the pain He felt while hanging on the cross

But for the separation felt by Him to save the lost

That separation of itself that rung from lips of love

A cry that shook the gates of heaven in that realm above

As He Who was and is and will be paid the Price we owe

For sins that we've committed that His glory we might know

If we would take the time to ponder what it took to bring

The opportunity for life that God is offering

To every child that's drawn a breath of our humanity

If we would simply turn to Him in pure humility

And let Him take our frailties our sinfulness and vice

Our broken useless promises that cost the greatest Price

And lay our lives before Him as a sacrifice of love

Not holding to the worldly things the scriptures tell us of

That block the path to heaven where awaits a robe and crown

For every humble sinner who's found Christ on holy ground

Each morning and each evening and throughout each passing day

Through prayerful time in scriptures thirsting for the things they say

That draw us to the Saviour more and more to be like Him

Who's given us His Spirit as a Guide to follow them

As they reveal the mystery of being one with God

From birth to cross to heaven on the path we each must trod

As each of us are given precious opportunities

To daily be born of the blood that cleanses you and me

And bear the cross of sacrifice as we surrender all

In answer to the love we feel that's in the Saviour's call

That soon will end in heaven as around that Great White Throne

We see those scars upon the hands and feet that are our own

By virtue of forgiveness that we'll never comprehend

Though studied for eternity with Christ our dearest Friend

Isaiah 53:1-12; Matthew 10:38; 16:24; John 19:16-37

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