Daily Devotional


The break of day awakes me with its early morning light

As all the tiny creatures try to scurry out of sight

And birds that join the chorus start to take to flight on wings

That lift them ever higher with the melody they sing

For this is country living not a city sound to hear

Just nature at its finest as creation meets my ear

With sounds of jubilation to our Maker and our King

Who by His grace through wonder has provided everything

Most needed for our living as on Him we do depend

Not turning from His presence but embracing Him as Friend

And Comforter and Saviour perfect Lover of our soul

In Whom we find the resources that make us one great whole

But while we're still held captive in this world immersed in sin

While Satan still has rule upon the hearts of godless men

God's blessings are but limited in scope for us to see

Because of all the evil work of man's iniquity

But God won't wait much longer perfect patience soon will end

And He to Whom creation bows His Truth will soon defend

As those who are His faithful wake from lethargy to be

His champions in righteousness through daily victories

That bring the Light of Jesus to the dark of worldly eyes

And sing the glorious praises that now fill celestial skies

As other worlds are watching those who've waited for so long

Awake to strength in purpose to correct the moral wrong

And bring the Light to darkness that all people have to see

The Truth that's in the scriptures God's provided you and me

That give to us His guidance in salvation's mighty plan

Restoring God's own image in the heart and soul of man

When by His grace He offers that by faith we do accept

His cleansing through our Saviour that leaves us with no regret

But pallets for the painting of the Artist that we find

Most willing to produce the Masterpiece He has in mind

So friend awake don't linger in your lethargy today

Seek God to give you guidance in all things you do and say

As time right now is vital to the life of all mankind

And only those who live the Truth will be what He designed

Psalm 59

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