Daily Devotional


There is a very present evil in the world today

An evil that perverts the hearts of men in what they say

An evil so insidious its words engender hate

In people who would otherwise just trust their lives to fate

But this evil has tentacles that weave their way within

The hearts of those who think that they are reconciled with sin

Who think that they are Christians when they know not Christ at all

But think that He'll respond to them when they stumble and fall

Into the trap they're laying through their craft and subtlety

For people who see not the way they truly choose to be

When others cannot see them in the private of their homes

Where craft is mixed with subtlety and evil spirits loom

Above them ever watching to make sure they block the light

To keep them blinded to the Truth against Whom they all fight

To bring about destruction of the very souls of men

That they have entertained to keep within the dark of sin

The dark that's so pervasive few can see the morning Light

That comes to those who choose to stand and join the Captain's fight

Who spend their time each morning full immersed within His will

That through the days of reckoning He can in them fulfill

His purpose for salvation to bring everything to light

To give the people one more chance to join Him in the fight

Before probation closes and the host of God are sealed

And plagues and wonders fill the earth that His Word has revealed

Will come on those not watching like a thief upon the night

To steal away what good they have that points them to the Light

But is not placed within them as the Anchor for their soul

The Way that God designed it should to make them safe and whole

For now as never in the past that came this way before

The time of trouble spoken of the prophets waited for

Is soon to break upon us starting from the hearts within

The people who know not our God and choose to follow sin

And only those preparing telling others of the Way

That leads to our salvation in the coming Judgement Day

Will be prepared and ready when Christ's coming all will see

The way He has described it in His Book of Prophesy

2 Peter 2:9-22


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