Daily Devotional


He sat there in amazement while the Master washed his feet

And then again in wonder as they sat at meal to eat

To think that He Who taught them all about the Father's love

Could be the Lamb of sacrifice the scriptures taught them of

He listened to His lessons of the meaning of God's Word

And with each precious lesson though His Spirit could be heard

He still missed so much meaning Jesus wanted him to hear

Because of aspirations for a kingdom that was near

He selfishly presumed would be a kingdom on this earth

A kingdom for all Israel for those of Jewish birth

To narrow in his thinking to imagine it could be

A Kingdom for all people throughout all eternity

So that when they approached him who had come to take the Lord

Instead of faith in Jesus he depended on his sword

And merely cut the ear off of a servant that was near

And then stood off a distance from His Lord in shameful fear

But then when Christ had risen and He met him on the shore

When He asked him three questions that he was not looking for

His faith did meet reality when fear was laid aside

When three times in his anguish he looked at his Lord and cried

To let Him know he loved Him Whom he left that fateful day

And never would he ever leave Him or just run away

As now he understood Christ's purpose as the Father's Son

And understood the meaning of the Kingdom that would come

Composed of all the fearless who have lived upon this earth

Who've come to know their Saviour and His love through their rebirth

That was to them the promise that today we're looking for

Where all will live in love and peace and death will be no more

So friend if you're a Peter strong in words yet weak in soul

Don't let the devil beat you with your failure as his goal

But learn the lessons Peter learned before it is too late

God's Kingdom starts today in you and not a later date

When you give all to Jesus heart and spirit mind and soul

And let Him by His grace through faith make you complete and whole

With eyes upon the future when all sin will be no more

Just perfect love and harmony that heaven's waiting for

John 13:5-17; 18:4-11; 21:15-17

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