Daily Devotional

Like Jesus

He lived with such a passion as this world has never seen

His heart was pure and holy never selfish never mean

And though He was rejected by the ones he came to save

Hell had no power to keep Him in the darkness of the grave

He spoke with loving firmness of the Kingdom that was His

Where all who lived in love with Him would never want to miss

The beauty and the wonder of that great palatial place

The center of the universe beyond the realms of space

He held such sweet communion every morning when He'd rise

With tears of deep compassion in His soft and gentle eyes

As speaking with His Father they would plan His work each day

Considering each life He'd touch and everything He'd say

To bring to them sweet comfort for the trials they were in

Or words of deep conviction for their dark and hidden sin

Or words that held the power to forgive where they'd gone wrong

To lift them from their guilt and shame and place in them a song

Of joy and peace and gladness of reflection on the ways

God's promised His direction in the soon uncertain days

When all will be commotion from the winds He will release

And only those who know Him best will live and dwell in peace

Because they have within them God's sweet Spirit who attends

To every situation as Christ's people He defends

Who've done the work before them in the faith of Jesus Christ

And kept His Law within them for which He did pay the Price

For as we look upon Him Who is Saviour God and King

Through words of inspiration while in prayer we're studying

His Spirit makes and molds us in the Image that we see

And places deep within us portions of divinity

As eating Bread from heaven feeding on His mighty Word

And drinking from the Fountain of the Lord as we have heard

We will become more like Him Whom His people failed to know

And by His grace reflect the Truth that He would have us show

So when He comes in glory to collect His precious gems

Those who will rise to glory will be those who look like Him

In image truth and character with those they knew before

Who found in them the love of God that they were looking for

Psalm 23; Matthew 16:24-27; Revelation 14:12

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