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Daily Devotional


How great a preparation must be made in these last days

From which we are distracted in so many many ways

For he who knows the future and what soon to him will come

Knows best how to distract us and from where to draw us from

For if he can entice us with the trappings of this world

And all the other vices that upon us he has hurled

Then we've no time for Jesus and the study of His Word

Wherein we find our safety where His Spirit can be heard

And if he can distract us even with the best of things

With doing good for others and the pleasure that it brings

Then doing good for others is what he'll press us to do

If that will keep us busy and obstruct our vision too

The vision from the morning when we spend our time with God

Where spending time together gives us grace that we might trod

The day with cause of purpose to be more and more like Him

Who spent His early mornings with His Father just like them

Who long to be like Jesus in the things they say and do

Reflective of His presence to the ones He brings them to

Who need His reassurance that our God is always here

And always softly waiting with a tender heart and ear

To catch those morning teardrops when we share our hearts in prayer

And trust no matter what has been His love is waiting there

To share with us His passion to make all things bright and new

And wipe away the painful past of all that we've been through

To have that preparation that His grace alone can give

That through the faith He's given us we too like Him might live

Unshackled by the burdens that encumber other men

Who focus not on Jesus but the want and ways of sin

And in that preparation when we do what Christ has done

In rising in the morning far before the morning sun

Before the world distracts us with its cares to meet the day

We find that grace that meets us to prepare us for God's Way

Where we will not be burdened neither shackled by our sin

But will see every moment as a moment to begin

A greater preparation for what God will bring us through

In victory He's promised that by grace He'll bring us to

Revelation 12:10-17; Isaiah 58:5-11

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