Daily Devotional


So many fail to comprehend the meaning of God's Word

When reading in the Bible where His Spirit can be heard

They fail to see the beauty that is ever present there

Because their minds are cluttered when they pause with Him in prayer

And rush to meet their burdens with a sympathetic ear

When God had much to tell them they were just to dull to hear

That would and could provide them with the wisdom that they need

If they would stop and listen and His Holy Spirit heed

But time that we're all given is to them too dear to spend

On Him Who is our Source of life on Whom we must depend

And when they should spend focused time with Him upon their knees

They're focused more on vanity and vane activities

That last but for a moment in the great grand scheme of things

Just like a passing vapor or a wisp upon the wings

When paired against eternity and all that God has planned

For those who truly seek Him and attend to His command

To seek Him with a whole heart with a mind that's pure and clear

That listens while observing in His Word the voice they hear

That speaks to them in silence while the world is still at rest

Preparing with God's Spirit for each moment life will test

The strength of their connection with the One true Source of all

The worlds and all the living who abide the Father's call

Whose pleasure is to serve Him without question when they hear

His voice of love and passion that is always standing near

So friend be not too hurried when you take your time with Him

Who loves you without measure proved that night in Bethlehem

And everyday He suffered while He walked this earth alone

The One Who knew His future and the Price that must atone

For you and me together with all of humanity

That He from the beginning loved with His infinity

And focused on completely til He was completely done

Providing for our future when in Him we could be one

In heart and mind and strength and faith one body born in Christ

Who through the Father's Spirit lived to pay the greatest Price

So we could choose the life He has provided for us there

With Him Who is our Life our all each day in focused prayer

1 Peter 4:1-11; Romans 8:1-6

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