Daily Devotional

Life's Lessons

How much time will you spend today observing in the world

The many precious lessons just like little flags unfurled

That teach us of God's presence and His mighty plan for us

When we adopt His purposes and place in Him our trust

Will you take time to lend to Him your vision and your ear

Allowing Him to show to you the things you need to hear

That illustrate so perfectly the things that we must learn

If we would have eternity for which so many yearn

Where all is joy and glory not a sinner there in sight

No fear of death nor heartache not one evidence of blight

For everything is perfect from the smallest little mote

To every massive star we see of which the seers wrote

And there also the lessons that we see and learn today

Will still be what we study as we show others the Way

God led us here to understand His plan for you and me

That saved us from eternal death to live eternally

Like butterflies and hummingbirds and little grains of wheat

From beauty to mobility and good things that we eat

From blades of grass and flower blooms to waves upon the shore

There's lessons that we daily learn and oh so many more

Of how the grass may wither when the ground is hard and dry

When rain's been long in coming and the sun still fills the sky

But when the clouds return and drops of silver rain arrive

The grass receives this blessing giving food so others thrive

And flower blooms long hidden in the winter mantle's white

When spring returns burst from the ground to bring to us the sight

Of beauty with their fragrances blessed with the morning dew

Enticing all our senses just the way that flowers do

When they wake from their slumber struggle from a bud to free

Transformed by God's amazing grace to be what they might be

When they're fully connected to the perfect Source of Life

That brings forth grace and beauty from a life of dark and strife

And then there are the waves we see that break upon the shore

That teach us of the Father's love that gives us so much more

Than just love and forgiveness but a life that's full and free

As endless when Christ comes again as waves upon the sea

Psalms 103:11-22; Job 14:1-12


Christian Poets and Writers discuss ways to build up the church Body of Christ, inspire, strengthen faith, and improve writing in all genres. May God guide our prayers and words of forgiveness, love, and unity in Jesus' Name.

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